Build #2 Progress, Jan 19, 2012 - Batteries and Schedule

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Things are still moving right along. I've gotten pretty far along on the battery preparation with about 36, 2900mAH packs and 25 5200mAH packs," connectorized" and taped up, ready for the first of 4 coats of UV-resistant Plastidip. Also shown are a couple of stem mount shots of the two packs so you can get an idea of relative size. The 5200 is also shown strapped to a 2" diameter tube, using both an 18" and 12" strap. The 18" strap should only be used on larger diameter tubing (2" or larger), otherwise, the 12" should be used in all other cases. Also, based on some good user feedback, I've changed the cable exit point on the 5200 pack so that it comes off the pack near the tube mounting surface for a cleaner look. (Clearly the Ironman is giving away my age!)
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The fiberglass re-enforced strapping tape not only provides a strain relieve for the wire coming off of the battery, but it also provides a little extra protection for the wire itself. Adding the tape is definitely the most time consuming part of the entire process, other than waiting for the coating layers to dry. After the first coat, foam rails will be added to one edge of the pack, then coated over with the last 3 layers of rubber. This makes a nice soft, grippy "channel" for any application where the battery needs to be strapped to the frame or stem.

Word from the plastics CNC shop is that they are still on schedule to deliver the lens covers on or around the 25th of this month. Now, it's just a race with the clock to see if my machinist can finish the housings before he takes off on a 2 week vacation. All the small parts are finished (lids, extender bars, rack mounts) and he just received a new set of matched cutters yesterday. Rather than cutting each slot in the housings individually, he'll now be able to cut 5 at a time using a custom made mandrel. Should significantly speed the process, but whether he can finish before the 27th is still a question mark. If not, then it'll be the 3rd week in Feb before he gets back. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Stay tuned!
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    I'm just now getting caught up with your latest production build.

    Looking awesome ! I'm hoping to reserve/order a taillight soon.
    Thanks! I'm getting VERY close to turning on the "pre-sale" on the store, so hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer. Thanks for hanging in there!