Build #3 Update, Headlight Sneak Peak, Aug 11, 2012

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Got my sample pieces back from the new anodizers this week. First impression is that the black is slightly more satin on the surface than the pure matte from build 2. I really like it a lot. Thanks to some really good suggestions from my machinist (thanks Robert!), you can see that there are a few cosmetic changes to the lid with the gentle arc along the front edge along with the blended air channels that open up the side slots very nicely. All of the build 3 lights will also have the "DesignShine" insignia inscribed on the back face. Although you don't see it on the anodized housing in these shots. The final headlight version will have a new "feature" that I call "side shading." You can see this with the un-anodized piece where there is a small flare along the top edges of the case. This will provide just a bit of overhang on the sides of the lens cover so that the light off of the edges of the clear lens cover won't be visible to the rider on a standard handlebar mount. Note that the final version will not use Philips screws on the lid hold-down, but Allan head sockets instead.

Right now it's looking like the new housings will be ready sometime around the end of this month, or the first of September. (UPDATE 8/30: After talking to Robert, it looks like the housings will be done around the 14th. We had to "plus-up" the total housing count just a bit to accommodate all the reserve orders).

(Update 9/17, am: Well, the 14th has come and gone, BUT I did hear from Robert last night that the housings are all done and being bead blasted. The lids were taking a bit longer than expected, but should hopefully be done now. All that's left are the extender bars, which are very simple and shouldn't take long, possibly finishing up before Friday this week. The good news is that we'll be getting 14 more taillight housings than expected, so some of you guys that were on the alternates list are now on the reserve list, and there are just a few spots left. Thanks for bearing with me in this endeavor!
Update 9/17, pm: OK, that was fast, all of the additional taillight spots are now taken again.)

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