Shipping Policy Change (Dang USPS....)

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OK, so my lucky streak finally ran out yesterday. I guess it was bound to happen. A package of 2 taillights was shipped to California and "successfully" delivered. Of course, "successful" in this case means partially shoved into a mail slot that was too small to hold the package, which was left sticking out for all the world to see.. and take, in this case.

Losing the lights really stinks... but adding insult to injury, I've traditionally been insuring packages for $199, which is 1 dollar below the $200 threshold where USPS automatically requires a signature. I was doing this mainly as a matter of convenience, since most folks (if you're like me) would rather do just about anything besides make a special trip and wait in line at the post office to receive their lights when they get delivered during the day while you're not home.

All that to say, I plan on changing my USPS shipping technique to include insurance for the full value of the package. Obviously this will have to factor in to the pricing, but it also means that every shipment from here on out will require a signature upon receipt. IF, and only IF, the customer requests no signature required, I will be more than happy to send insured for the maximum amount of $199, but the customer will be responsible for the difference if anything happens during shipping.

Some folks may be particularly averse to using USPS for a high-value package, and in those cases, if FedEx or UPS is preferred, I can use those services, but they are considerably more expensive than USPS, and I'll need to pass those extra costs along on a case-by-case basis.

Sorry for the extra hassle!
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