At long last, I finally finished the demo video showing how to reprogram the lights for 7.4V use. This process is also described in more detail in the attachment, which can be downloaded or viewed by clicking on the PDF file link:


Of course, if you ever need or want to change back to 11.1V operation at any time:
Simply go through the same process again using:
Menu 6: 09.4
Menu 7: 10.4
Menu 8: 10.9

(WARNING... this procedure for switching to 7.4V or back to 11.1V ONLY applies for build #3 (small power button) and earlier hardware. Build #4 (larger silicon power button) and later requires one additional step for menu #7, which I have not yet documented... coming soon.)

Also note that with the light programmed for 7.4V use, you CAN still use your 11.1V battery, you just won't get any warnings as the battery drains, and eventually it will hit the internal cutoff of the battery pack PCB itself. In other words, you could still use an 11.1V pack as a backup pack in a pinch.