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12-29-2015, 06:58 PM
I love my DS-500. Previous light was a Dinotte 400. (the gold reference standard)
Can any light best the Dinotte?

Try out the DS. The quality and performance are exemplary.
It's a functional work of art that saves lives. Yes ... it's that good.
State Trooper Cruiser bright in an classy compact package.
It's built to withstand a nuclear meltdown.
Somethings are just perfect. This is one of them.




12-29-2015, 09:22 PM
Incidentally,I initially mounted my DS-500 to my frame as I have rack mounts. (see images below).
Moving the light to my Saddle Bag forced a change from a Vertical position to a Horizontal position.

One of the lens is frosted with "stripes". These stripes must be aligned vertically (up and down).
Why? The up and down stripes produce a HORIZONTAL elliptical beam.
You want approaching cars to see you from all angles. Hence a Horizontal throw pattern is optimal.

So, in going from a vertical mount to horizontal mount, you have to rotate 90 degrees the frosted striped lens.

To do this. Securely remove the front screw with a 1/16 allen. Try both ends of the Allen and use the best grip.
GENTLY break the O-ring seal and remove the clear poly-carbonate cover.
SWITCH THE LENS .... Place the left lens over the right LED and the right lens over the left LED.
Why? you need to do this to get the frosted lens's stripes aligned up and down. (that is the trick !)
If you do not switch the lens, you can not get the stripes to align vertically (straight up and down).

Re-assemble cover with care.

Done !

Light is now configured for a Horizontal Mount.

Pictures of the original Vertical frame mount are below.