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11-23-2012, 10:57 AM
Hi, i want to upload few pictures (DS-500) and i think there are to much in the official thread from Stephen. So, i created a new thread for my pictures from germany... I compare the lights DS-500 & MAGICSHINE MJ 818.

http://www.abload.de/img/nwerqkuzy.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=nwerqkuzy.png)

Hope, you enjoy?!:)

11-23-2012, 11:18 AM
Designshine DS 500 picture gallery

first part

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7418epus3.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7418epus3.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_74235vu35.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_74235vu35.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7426rnuj2.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7426rnuj2.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7427auu7k.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7427auu7k.png)

11-23-2012, 11:20 AM
second part

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7428ptuoh.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7428ptuoh.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7446mj880nuuj0.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7446mj880nuuj0.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7447ds500maxtuukg.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7447ds500maxtuukg.png)

11-23-2012, 11:24 AM
third part

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7440mj880n6uoc.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7440mj880n6uoc.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7442ds500maxa8u2e.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7442ds500maxa8u2e.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7433mj8800xupu.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7433mj8800xupu.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7435ds500max2juz6.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7435ds500max2juz6.png)

11-23-2012, 11:29 AM
part #4

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7436mj880xpu6d.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7436mj880xpu6d.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7438ds500maxjyugr.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7438ds500maxjyugr.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7494mj880mvjtd.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7494mj880mvjtd.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7495ds500f7k8r.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7495ds500f7k8r.png)

11-23-2012, 11:31 AM
part # 5

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7490mj88007kc7.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7490mj88007kc7.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7491ds500sbkw1.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7491ds500sbkw1.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7489ds500oqjcv.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7489ds500oqjcv.png)

11-23-2012, 11:33 AM
part # 6

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7450mj880kcujn.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7450mj880kcujn.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7456ds500maxqlup2.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7456ds500maxqlup2.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7458mj8806nuxt.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7458mj8806nuxt.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7459ds500max2punj.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7459ds500max2punj.png)

11-23-2012, 11:34 AM
part # 7

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7463mj880elu62.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7463mj880elu62.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7465ds500max7ljl6.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7465ds500max7ljl6.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7471ds500maxxajt2.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7471ds500maxxajt2.png)

11-23-2012, 11:36 AM
part # 8

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7481ds500maxaljkm.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7481ds500maxaljkm.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7482ds500maxgsj8h.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7482ds500maxgsj8h.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7485ds500maxoaj6h.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7485ds500maxoaj6h.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/usaeaglek5kdb.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=usaeaglek5kdb.png)

11-23-2012, 11:43 AM
I use two MAGICSHINE MJ 880 lights for night walk or nightride with mtb... here only 4 pictures of the beautiful light;-) I love it^^

http://www.abload.de/img/nightwalkwallpapersch4nlar.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=nightwalkwallpapersch4nlar.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/nw3nvbtt.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=nw3nvbtt.png)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7393bcbf1.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7393bcbf1.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7380wmlyt.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7380wmlyt.jpg)

11-26-2012, 07:13 AM

http://www.abload.de/img/1i9eu6.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=1i9eu6.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/2ogegq.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=2ogegq.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/3ttcs9.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=3ttcs9.jpg)

11-26-2012, 08:51 AM


http://www.abload.de/img/11wuzs.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=11wuzs.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/2kau03.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=2kau03.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/322up1.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=322up1.jpg)

11-26-2012, 12:00 PM
Seriously cool pictures Bjoern!
Since the DS-500 will only run on Level 5 indoors with no airflow for about 6 or 7 minutes before dropping to level 3, did you have someone turn it on for you once you got setup at the picture taking location? What were your camera settings?
Exposure time?

11-26-2012, 01:42 PM
Thank you:rolleyes:

I hiked alone in the dark mountains without light because of the full moon. Great experience, great nature... At the foto spots i called my neighbor and he handled my DS-500. I worked with ISO 800. You see my the camera settings over the screenshots.

picture one:

http://www.abload.de/img/ax2j9z.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=ax2j9z.jpg)

picture two:

http://www.abload.de/img/ax2j9z.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=ax2j9z.jpg)

picture three:

http://www.abload.de/img/cj7j2z.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=cj7j2z.jpg)

Best regards

11-28-2012, 12:31 PM
Yesterday, nightwalk with DS-500 as headlight because my battery from the MJ 880 wasnt ready... But the DS-500 was soooo bright, brighter than normal headlight. Perfect for running deep in the woods^^

http://www.abload.de/img/hlxtqd2.png (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=hlxtqd2.png)

11-28-2012, 12:45 PM
Very cool! I've often thought that the DS-500 would make a nice "emergency" headlamp. I would imagine that in a very dark environment (deep woods) the red might actually help preserve the night vision. Incidentally, if you can get your hands on a spare H-27 Cateye spacer, you can just remove the light from the extender bar and mount the H-27 directly to the light body. This would give you a little better balance, with the light much closer to your head.

Also, just as a point of note, the DS-500 is set with a fairly conservative thermal cutback level, so if you run it for very long in steady mode at level 5 without airflow, don't be surprised if you see it cut back to level 3 after 4-5 minutes. I'm not entirely sure that a walking pace airflow would be enough to keep it from cutting back if you were running at level 5, but level 4 would probably be OK. I haven't tried this myself, so you're blazing new ground...:)

11-28-2012, 01:31 PM
Thank you for your ideas and tips... i ran in the mountains with LEVEL 2 (only). Its bright enough even though the worse forest floor^^ Sometimes, i needed LEVEL 4, but LEVEL 5 serves as deterrence^^

My new SAMSUNG batteries for my two MJ 880er have arrived.

greetings from germany;)

PS: Tomorow we get snow !!! Yippie Yah Yei Schweinebacke^^

11-29-2012, 05:16 PM

http://www.abload.de/img/movi00038ypwd.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=movi00038ypwd.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/movi0009d1qay.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=movi0009d1qay.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/movi0038l8r2k.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=movi0038l8r2k.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/movi0024rdply.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=movi0024rdply.jpg)

It was a great ride in the white powder^^ Next bike will be a 29er. Amazing driving quality... so marvelous. Looking for GIANT TALON 1 2013 29er.

Greetings from snowy Germany!

11-29-2012, 09:01 PM
DS-500 in snow - awesome sight!

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7572ojopj.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7572ojopj.jpg)
DS-500 LEVEL 1
http://www.abload.de/img/img_7573w9qo3.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7573w9qo3.jpg)
DS-500 LEVEL 2
http://www.abload.de/img/img_7574a7poc.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7574a7poc.jpg)
DS-500 LEVEL 3
http://www.abload.de/img/img_7575thp1x.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7575thp1x.jpg)
DS-500 LEVEL 4


11-29-2012, 09:01 PM

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7576oprso.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7576oprso.jpg)
DS-500 LEVEL 5
http://www.abload.de/img/img_7582ilqce.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7582ilqce.jpg)
DS-500 LEVEL 1
http://www.abload.de/img/img_75832uozv.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_75832uozv.jpg)
DS-500 LEVEL 5

Best regards!

11-29-2012, 10:11 PM
Ok, that's just TOO cool. Fantastic pics B!
The snow does a great job of showing the side emitted light.
Thanks also for showing the different power levels!

11-29-2012, 10:41 PM
No prob... i like my new toy:D I am a light freak^^

11-30-2012, 05:33 PM
Hope i can take new pictures in snow - in 2 days... with better postions:rolleyes:


12-06-2012, 03:08 PM
No new pics from my Ds-500, because of waterproof-test...:eek:

12-09-2012, 05:32 AM

my DS-500 is waterproof ;) So, I can shoot more photos in the snow...


12-09-2012, 11:00 AM
Currently we ve a blizzard ... pictures have to wait:(

12-09-2012, 07:46 PM
LAST SHOOTING <------------

http://www.abload.de/img/0myoif.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=0myoif.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/1nqr9j.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=1nqr9j.jpg)


12-09-2012, 07:47 PM
http://www.abload.de/img/8n6rzr.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=8n6rzr.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/9i5ovd.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=9i5ovd.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/10xhp5r.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=10xhp5r.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/110sou6.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=110sou6.jpg)

12-09-2012, 07:48 PM
http://www.abload.de/img/12eopml.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=12eopml.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/3ekpw7.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=3ekpw7.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/4ixrls.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=4ixrls.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/5pupnz.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=5pupnz.jpg)

12-09-2012, 07:49 PM
http://www.abload.de/img/61np2l.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=61np2l.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/77lqme.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=77lqme.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/22jocc.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=22jocc.jpg)


12-09-2012, 11:11 PM
Super Nice! Thanks for braving the cold to get those cool shots.
Any issues with water vapor?

12-10-2012, 08:15 AM
Everything's ok with me. No problems with water vapor after grease... I am still surprised about the angle of radiation! Fantastic work! How long was your development phase (for DS-500) ???

Greetings! (Currently we ve 25 cm snow:D)

12-10-2012, 01:23 PM
Everything's ok with me. No problems with water vapor after grease... I am still surprised about the angle of radiation! Fantastic work! How long was your development phase (for DS-500) ???

Greetings! (Currently we ve 25 cm snow:D)

Awesome! Glad to hear it. It's taken me two years to get from the original concept piece from the first Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRB-6FokXw4) to where it stands today. However, if you ask my wife, it feels more like 10 years....

Getting the right amount of pressure on those lens o-rings without deforming the lens cover was very tricky, and it took several iterations to get it right. Having those very soft 1mm silicon o-rings was also a requirement. Working with the battery vendor to put together a high-quality 11.1V pack with a nice protection PCB and balancing circuit was another major project, even though I haven't mentioned it much.

12-10-2012, 08:28 PM
Your work is so great... i cant understand... a real one man show! Better than the HOPE or DINOTTE, brighter, cheaper, more quality... Its unbelievable!

-----> Respect <-----

An idea for you. You can use one micro led behind your normal LEDS for passive light. Like MJ 880 (green eagle eyes) for your DS-1300 headlight. So, its an emergency lighting and it would save the battery... I like it at my MJ 880. Here a picture with the standby light (Kickelhahn 30-50 cm snow !!!)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7743rhuos.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7743rhuos.jpg)


12-10-2012, 08:34 PM
More detailed pictures:

http://www.abload.de/img/img_2630llurj.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_2630llurj.jpg)
http://www.abload.de/img/img_28594au2g.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_28594au2g.jpg)
http://www.abload.de/img/img_2862f6uvm.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_2862f6uvm.jpg)
http://www.abload.de/img/img_2864f8ukd.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_2864f8ukd.jpg)

Hope you enjoy!

12-11-2012, 12:42 AM
- --- -----> Snow - Night - DS-500 Last shooting <----- --- -

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7754jwxs7.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7754jwxs7.jpg)
Snow - to much ;-(
http://www.abload.de/img/img_77597lyrz.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_77597lyrz.jpg)
Last shooting
http://www.abload.de/img/img_7765v5zh9.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7765v5zh9.jpg)
City - Level 1
http://www.abload.de/img/img_7766kwbi6.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7766kwbi6.jpg)
City - Level 5

12-11-2012, 12:46 AM
http://www.abload.de/img/img_7768qqaqr.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7768qqaqr.jpg)
federal highway @ night 1
http://www.abload.de/img/img_7773o9a5k.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7773o9a5k.jpg)
federal highway @ night 2
http://www.abload.de/img/img_7774a1alw.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7774a1alw.jpg)
federal highway @ night 3
http://www.abload.de/img/img_7777twzzj.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7777twzzj.jpg)
federal highway @ night 4

12-11-2012, 12:49 AM
Level 5 was only for shooting, I drive only with level 1 or 3...


12-21-2012, 03:17 AM
a great number of people search for bright tail light, but i prefer bright head light, too. So, you can look at my Magicshine headlights... Enjoy^^

http://www.abload.de/img/nightsky6tuhl.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=nightsky6tuhl.jpg)

12-23-2012, 08:49 AM
New shooting by day:


http://www.abload.de/img/t12cdpw.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=t12cdpw.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/t2h5eci.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=t2h5eci.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/t3oxeox.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=t3oxeox.jpg)

12-23-2012, 08:50 AM
New shooting by day:


http://www.abload.de/img/t4b3im3.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=t4b3im3.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/t5mnc1o.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=t5mnc1o.jpg)


12-28-2012, 09:34 AM
Thanks for those amazing pics Shark/Bjoern. The DS500 is certainly the brightest tail light there is bar none. For the camera to catch the red light from out-of-town is crazy. Why the US military hasn't ordered Stephen's lights for temporary aircraft runway, I don't know. I also enjoyed the pics of your 880s. I use a single 880U with the same headstrap for many chores around the house but to run 2? You look better equipped than the US Navy Seals or German Special Forces.

01-01-2013, 03:56 PM
@ Xeccon:

Thanks. No problem. I am a light freak...

Currently i am in the mountains. 3249 m and the D-500 works... for 4 days ^^ on the slopes and night... Here are my new pictures:

http://www.abload.de/img/img_847463s5d.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_847463s5d.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_822827suo.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_822827suo.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_8276itpat.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_8276itpat.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/stormtrooperh6p75.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=stormtrooperh6p75.jpg)

I ran 4km on the slopes, Then I took the snowboard... to the valley. It was a great drive. The nature. The darkness. My lights. I love it... With two MJ 880s its an other level... brighter & wider;-)

Hope, you enjoy!

Greetings from Hochsölden (Austria)

02-13-2013, 12:12 AM
New pictures @ IBC:




My thread has 10.000 clicks. :D Lots of pictures and videos from the DS-500. Enjoy...

Best regards,


02-15-2013, 07:55 AM
New photos - daylight by day part II.

http://www.abload.de/img/img_9453qealc.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_9453qealc.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_94549ibcp.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_94549ibcp.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_9456nhyps.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_9456nhyps.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_94587byd1.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_94587byd1.jpg)

02-15-2013, 07:56 AM
http://www.abload.de/img/img_9461b7zb8.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_9461b7zb8.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_9463yrz0y.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_9463yrz0y.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_9475qyzma.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_9475qyzma.jpg)

02-15-2013, 07:56 AM
http://www.abload.de/img/img_9476w3l0d.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_9476w3l0d.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_9478csbnm.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_9478csbnm.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_9479wsyxu.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_9479wsyxu.jpg)

Greetings from Germany !

03-13-2013, 05:15 AM
Here my new photo series

http://fstatic0.mtb-news.de/f/ky/4t/ky4twm9yo05u/medium_Q5-3.jpg?0 (http://fotos.mtb-news.de/p/1327672)

More pictures:


Best regards

03-26-2013, 07:59 AM
Thanks shark for such an interesting stuff.I really enjoy this and specially the quality of your work is really appreciable.

03-29-2013, 03:54 PM
Thanks, I am so happy about your feedback!

In my german MTB-forum are only haters (users, admins, and mods...) So, i am resigned from the forum, but in the next few weeks i create my own bike & DS-500 website...

I'll see you then!

03-29-2013, 04:05 PM
Here my new comparison between AUDI Q5 LED and DS-500.

http://www.abload.de/img/q5-0bezu9.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=q5-0bezu9.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/q5-15pxcw.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=q5-15pxcw.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/q5-24gydr.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=q5-24gydr.jpg)

I tested the DS-500 over 1200 km in 2 months (200 km in february, 1000 km in march). Great tail light !!! Thanks Stephen!!!

03-29-2013, 04:28 PM
Thanks, I am so happy about your feedback!

In my german MTB-forum are only haters (users, admins, and mods...) So, i am resigned from the forum, but in the next few weeks i create my own bike & DS-500 website...

I'll see you then!

Hey "Shark"
Don't worry about the "haters." All that matters is that you stay out there doing what you love most and stay safe while you do it. The merits of a taillight like this will always be debated, but as you know from experience, once you've ridden with it, I'd be hard to go back to riding without it. The world we live in now is filled with hugely distracted drivers, so it's nice to have something like the DS-500 that can almost qualify as a "weapon" in the war against distracted drivers.

03-29-2013, 04:43 PM
so it's nice to have something like the DS-500 that can almost qualify as a "weapon" in the war against distracted drivers.

You are right! Today, its so dangerous on the street... The DS-500 is the best weapon against whack drivers.

Here4pictures from snow - I am sick of the sight of snow ;(

http://www.abload.de/img/img_9765a5e3o.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_9765a5e3o.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_976681iw5.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_976681iw5.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_9769vtf5b.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_9769vtf5b.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_97700idq4.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_97700idq4.jpg)

04-04-2013, 10:07 AM
Very nice and interesting stuff.Thanks to you for a such a good sharing.

04-16-2013, 08:32 PM
Hi Guys,

the spring comes... (after a long cold winter!!!)

Look at my new night shots for my own bike website (in the works). Exclusive for you...

http://www.abload.de/img/img_025864lyz.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_025864lyz.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_0259claal.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_0259claal.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_02663xx1h.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_02663xx1h.jpg)


With my mod. MTB i can drive 40 km/h over 40 km distance... so i can drive with racing cycle. Therefore i call me "racing cycle killer" . (just4fun).The slogan is on my suspension fork. SS - super sport - taken from the american cars... (lower photo)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7204efy2z.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7204efy2z.jpg)


Upgrade for pursuit of racing cycles. (But very often i am the persecutee, because i am faster)

---> bicycle tire: SCHWALBE KOJAK 2.0 (slick)
---> 48z SHIMANO ALIVIO crank set (biggest by MTB)
---> triathlon handlebar extension

04-16-2013, 08:35 PM
http://www.abload.de/img/img_0272t2a0q.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_0272t2a0q.jpg)
Me @ night

http://www.abload.de/img/img_0292ib1xvo.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_0292ib1xvo.jpg)
Great art @ night


04-16-2013, 08:51 PM
http://www.abload.de/img/img_0219q7x8n.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_0219q7x8n.jpg)
sports area @ night - in front of DS-500
http://www.abload.de/img/img_022062ync.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_022062ync.jpg)
sports area @ night - behind the DS-500
http://www.abload.de/img/img_0242gwxuv.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_0242gwxuv.jpg)
federal highway
http://www.abload.de/img/f-1led3jtl28.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=f-1led3jtl28.jpg)
formula one tail light

04-16-2013, 10:00 PM
http://www.abload.de/img/img_7165ioace.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7165ioace.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7180zxbfe.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7180zxbfe.jpg)

http://www.abload.de/img/img_7197dzxbz.jpg (http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=img_7197dzxbz.jpg)

That was it for today;)

06-13-2013, 09:59 AM
Hi Guys,

i am back with new pics from my DS-500.. Hope you enjoy.

location: Ilmenau, Germany
distance: 6 km
camera: reflex camera NIKON D5000
comparison: DS-500 (left) VS. LEDs of a radio mast for airplanes (right)

http://abload.de/img/_dsc0255ssla2.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0255ssla2.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/_dsc0251kabtq.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0251kabtq.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/_dsc0256qpasq.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0256qpasq.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/_dsc0254k8a8q.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0254k8a8q.jpg)

Greetings from Germany

06-13-2013, 10:58 AM
Hi Guys,

i am back with new pics from my DS-500.. Hope you enjoy.

location: Ilmenau, Germany
distance: 6 km
camera: reflex camera NIKON D5000
comparison: DS-500 (left) VS. LEDs of a radio mast for airplanes (right)

Greetings from Germany

Dude! Incredible pictures. Thanks for taking the time and effort to set those up.
Yet another use for the DS-500.... makeshift runway markers ;)

06-18-2013, 10:41 AM
Hi Guys, i have some impressions of the DS-500. All pictures are from the reflex camera NIKON D5000. Special thx to my neighbor, Thomas. Enjoy.:D

http://abload.de/img/_dsc01246xkgk.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc01246xkgk.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/_dsc0107uujrt.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0107uujrt.jpg)

06-18-2013, 10:53 AM
http://abload.de/img/_dsc0070aaraq.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0070aaraq.jpg)
Kickelhahn (mountain from night spot) at daytime

http://abload.de/img/_dsc0049zgop7.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0049zgop7.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/_dsc0046e9pu9.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0046e9pu9.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/_dsc0035n9ry0.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0035n9ry0.jpg)

06-18-2013, 10:55 AM
http://abload.de/img/_dsc001468r5a.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc001468r5a.jpg)
DS-500 LEVEL 1

http://abload.de/img/_dsc0016rfrr6.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0016rfrr6.jpg)
DS-500 LEVEL 5

http://abload.de/img/_dsc0022g6omm.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0022g6omm.jpg)

06-18-2013, 11:00 AM
http://abload.de/img/_dsc0076vpqyp.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0076vpqyp.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/_dsc0079v0ovq.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0079v0ovq.jpg)
@ NIGHT - gates of hell:p

There goes...

Hot greetings (over 37°c) from Germany!

07-26-2013, 03:00 AM
Hi Guys, the summer is back in Germany - over 38 at weekend...

I ve good news. I will start at the "Rad am Ring" race - the 24 hours race for bicycles. I am a solo athlete. So, i need a new bike. I bought a Giant Defy 3 2012 with clipless pedal. If you interested (Rad am Ring) check the following link:


I havent the best bike, but the best light (DS-500 & 2x Magicshine MJ 880). So, the night is mine!!!

Here are the new pics of my bike:

http://abload.de/img/giantdefy3201216tkba.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=giantdefy3201216tkba.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/giantdefy32012229jgz.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=giantdefy32012229jgz.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/giantdefy320123rsj6s.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=giantdefy320123rsj6s.jpg)

Greetings from Germany!

09-22-2013, 09:53 PM
Good morning Stephen,

i want to show some pics of the 24 race (Nürburg Ring 2013 - RAD AM RING). I started with my new road bike. Its a Giant Defy 3 from 2012. It was a hard race, because of the miserable weather. The Day before was perfect, but during the race we had only rain, fog and violent storm. So the race was interrupted from 4.00 - 9.00 am. I drove 9 laps without breaks. One lap is 26 km long and with over 520 elevation gain. I drove from 13.15 pm to 04.15 am. It was a beautiful but hard weekend. Your DS-500 had a lot of fans...

http://abload.de/img/01kkon.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=01kkon.jpg)
Me and my road bike
http://abload.de/img/1nejht.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=1nejht.jpg)
Nürburgring @ night (day before)
http://abload.de/img/2zgjfs.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=2zgjfs.jpg)
photo shooting with DS-500
http://abload.de/img/36sk2m.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=36sk2m.jpg)
The way to the start

09-22-2013, 10:03 PM
http://abload.de/img/4dxjmz.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=4dxjmz.jpg)
24 h race - thousands of starter
http://abload.de/img/57hk1m.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=57hk1m.jpg)
midnight - the fog came
http://abload.de/img/6gjkad.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=6gjkad.jpg)
my friend Thomas - my driver, my helper/physio
http://abload.de/img/7gtkpg.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=7gtkpg.jpg)
thunderstorm and race stoppage

09-22-2013, 10:05 PM
http://abload.de/img/8sqkh0.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=8sqkh0.jpg)
Every round - 10 min break for 2 bananas, 1 glass of milk, 2 glasses of cola, 4 cereals
http://abload.de/img/99ekau.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=99ekau.jpg)
A VW Polo is huge !!!

Greetings from Germany

09-23-2013, 11:51 AM
Thanks for the great pics Bjoern! Looks like it was quite an adventure. Concerning the idea of modifying a DS-500 to use other color LEDs.... Yes, in theory it could be done, but the thermal epoxy that I use to adhere the LED boards to the case is more or less "permanent," and any attempt to remove the original LED boards would likely result in their total destruction. They would likely have to be chiseled off, and then the housing might get damaged. In general, I wouldn't advise it.

09-23-2013, 12:38 PM
Hi Stephen,

thx for your fast answer...

When is your next batch? Its possible to create a special DS-500? Or is the mod. to expensive (for green, blue LEDs)? Have you time or equipment for a little test (next months)?

Best regards,


10-16-2013, 12:54 AM
New pics from Betty R 14 (4.500 lumens) & DS-500 (600 lumens) - NO1

http://abload.de/img/img_2854h2svq.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_2854h2svq.jpg)
Betty R14 off
http://abload.de/img/img_28552xs8p.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_28552xs8p.jpg)
Betty R14 on (1 watt)
http://abload.de/img/img_2886j6sll.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_2886j6sll.jpg)
Betty R 14 (1 watt) & DS-500 (level 1)
http://abload.de/img/img_28873us8g.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_28873us8g.jpg)
Betty R 14 (45 watts) & DS-500 (level 5)

10-16-2013, 12:58 AM
New pics from Betty R 14 (4.500 lumens) & DS-500 (600 lumens) - NO2

http://abload.de/img/img_2901osns3y.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_2901osns3y.jpg)
Betty R14 (45 watts) - freeway
http://abload.de/img/img_2912t2s7p.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_2912t2s7p.jpg)
Betty R14 (45 watts) - highway
http://abload.de/img/img_2909otjsdz.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_2909otjsdz.jpg)
DS-500 (level 5) - highway
http://abload.de/img/img_2847m4sk1.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_2847m4sk1.jpg)
battery pack from lupine for Betty R14 (13,2 Ah) - LCD Display in 10 percent steps (2 hours on 45 watts)

10-16-2013, 01:43 AM
Hi Shark, impressive output for sure. Since you're the only person I know who has the new Betty R14, can you tell me if it maintains 4500 real lumens or does it step down after a while?

Also, how many degrees are the aspheric lens with your R14? Danke.


10-16-2013, 05:02 AM
Hi Leonard,
yes it's measured. Real 4500 lumens. Currently it's the brightest bike light of the world. The Betty has a 26 degrees aspheric lens. And yes, it step down after a while for your eyes (perceived). But its normal with XM-L leds.

The light is very expensive (885 euro), but i found a distributor, which sells it for 750 euro or cheaper.

Greetings from Germany.

10-16-2013, 06:45 AM
Hi Leonard,
yes it's measured. Real 4500 lumens. Currently it's the brightest bike light of the world. The Betty has a 26 degrees aspheric lens. And yes, it step down after a while for your eyes (perceived). But its normal with XM-L leds.

The light is very expensive (885 euro), but i found a distributor, which sells it for 750 euro or cheaper.

Greetings from Germany.

Thanks Shark. Love your work as always. I had little doubt the R14 is 4500 actual. As the eyes adapt it would be interesting to know what the lumen reading is at 10 and 15 mins.
I don't know if the Zora Scorpion is considered production or more DIY/custom. I believe that's the brightest around for a single cnc shell light.

Anyway I am jealous of your toys. This is coming from a bike light seller


10-16-2013, 11:30 AM
Thanks Shark. Love your work as always. I had little doubt the R14 is 4500 actual. As the eyes adapt it would be interesting to know what the lumen reading is at 10 and 15 mins.
I don't know if the Zora Scorpion is considered production or more DIY/custom. I believe that's the brightest around for a single cnc shell light.

Anyway I am jealous of your toys. This is coming from a bike light seller



thanks for your feedback. I saw the website from this light. Nice work, but the design... not pretty^^

The DS-500 & Betty are great lights and give you a good backup. But, you must use it. I drive every months min. 1000 km federal highway.

Greetings from the cold Germany

10-16-2013, 06:15 PM
I'm with you there. I rather have a proven product from Lupine. Reliability and dependability is everything in a bike light. I have little doubt the light can achieve everything they say but how stable is it? A year on, I have not seen a single review outside .cz or mention by an excited owner.

That said, I would still like to see what 6750 lumens looks like from a single light head. You are right, it's not the prettiest thing around but looks like it has enough surface area to keep those LEDs cool. The way the fins are spaced looks very much like DS. Hmm, time to use that grinding stone to round off those edges, Stephen.

10-17-2013, 12:13 AM

i ve new pics from the betty. Enjoy it.

http://abload.de/img/lupinebettyspot1apaf8c.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=lupinebettyspot1apaf8c.jpg)
Spot 1 - Night
http://abload.de/img/lupinebettyspot1bhtfm0.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=lupinebettyspot1bhtfm0.jpg)
Spot 1 - Betty @ 4500 lumens
http://abload.de/img/lupinebettyspot2ak8dzq.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=lupinebettyspot2ak8dzq.jpg)
Spot 2 - Night
http://abload.de/img/lupinebettyspot2b2jid5.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=lupinebettyspot2b2jid5.jpg)
Spot 2 - Betty @ 4500 lumens

10-17-2013, 12:14 AM
http://abload.de/img/lupinebettyspot3ai2ddz.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=lupinebettyspot3ai2ddz.jpg)
Spot 3 - Night
http://abload.de/img/lupinebettyspot3b9gcj6.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=lupinebettyspot3b9gcj6.jpg)
Spot 3 - Betty @ 4500 lumens
http://abload.de/img/lupinebettyspot4zokc1k.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=lupinebettyspot4zokc1k.jpg)
Spot 4 - Betty @ 4500 lumens

Greetings from Germany;)

10-17-2013, 10:02 PM

http://abload.de/img/wallpaperibsht.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=wallpaperibsht.jpg)

10-19-2013, 06:34 AM
Night drive with Volvo C70 & Betty R14 - NO1

http://abload.de/img/img_303929sq8.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_303929sq8.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/img_30439wsfq.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_30439wsfq.jpg)

10-19-2013, 06:35 AM
Night drive with Volvo C70 & Betty R14 - NO2

http://abload.de/img/x1-a19sd3.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=x1-a19sd3.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/x1-b01scs.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=x1-b01scs.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/x1-cc2sd0.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=x1-cc2sd0.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/x1-d88sk3.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=x1-d88sk3.jpg)

10-19-2013, 06:36 AM
Night drive with Volvo C70 & Betty R14 - NO3

http://abload.de/img/x2-agws5h.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=x2-agws5h.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/x2-brrsx8.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=x2-brrsx8.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/x2-czfsx3.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=x2-czfsx3.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/x2-dfasoa.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=x2-dfasoa.jpg)

10-19-2013, 06:38 AM
Night drive with Volvo C70 & Betty R14 - NO1

http://abload.de/img/x4-a46s0j.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=x4-a46s0j.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/x4-bygsk2.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=x4-bygsk2.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/x4-ctqsy0.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=x4-ctqsy0.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/x4-dl3sh3.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=x4-dl3sh3.jpg)

Enjoy it and a great weekend !!!

10-26-2013, 03:40 AM
My new desktop wallpaper:cool:

http://abload.de/img/ds-500-wallpaper02mfslq.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=ds-500-wallpaper02mfslq.jpg)

11-03-2013, 09:26 PM
New Pictures from the tail light... but the winter will come!

http://abload.de/img/img_2838iimkb3n.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_2838iimkb3n.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/img_3082if9law.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_3082if9law.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/img_3083id4ui1.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_3083id4ui1.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/img_3085ibdbhq.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_3085ibdbhq.jpg)

Enjoy it...

02-11-2014, 06:08 AM
Photo from winter holidays in Zermatt (december, 2013)

http://abload.de/img/img_3458u1caw.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=img_3458u1caw.jpg)

Greetings from Germany:p

02-16-2014, 03:26 PM
DS-500 in car - Strobe for a special patrol car :p Soon videos on youtube!

http://abload.de/img/strobe1z5xv1.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=strobe1z5xv1.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/strobe2piyzv.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=strobe2piyzv.jpg)

02-20-2014, 02:30 PM
Here you can see my new equipment for the saison 2014:



07-15-2014, 06:22 PM
http://abload.de/img/h12wdo5.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=h12wdo5.jpg)
In Germany we have many haters because of the bright tail light...
http://abload.de/img/h21uchg.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=h21uchg.jpg)
My new road bike...
http://abload.de/img/gopr0885lgfnc.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=gopr0885lgfnc.jpg)
GoPro 3+ @ night (with Julia part 1 - Schwarzburg)
http://abload.de/img/12tqeeb.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=12tqeeb.jpg)
GoPro 3+ @ night (with Julia part 1 - Schwarzburg)

Greetings from Germany

07-17-2014, 12:46 PM
Thanks for sharing this ride! Loved the downhill section... and the late night drive through snack.
Great pics by the way.

08-26-2014, 07:50 AM
New pictues for you...

http://abload.de/img/_dsc0324nrotb.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0324nrotb.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/_dsc0302u1oml.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0302u1oml.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/_dsc0334hzp0m.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0334hzp0m.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/_dsc03584mp04.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc03584mp04.jpg)

Greetings from the rainy Germany!

08-26-2014, 07:51 AM
http://abload.de/img/_dsc0338vdquy.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0338vdquy.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/_dsc0366mnoro.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc0366mnoro.jpg)

http://abload.de/img/_dsc03684irz8.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=_dsc03684irz8.jpg)

08-26-2014, 07:55 AM
http://abload.de/img/su4j63.jpg (http://abload.de/image.php?img=su4j63.jpg)

09-15-2014, 09:27 AM
For all my German haters from the mtb-forum: :p


Just read the text below:

f you're a serious road rider, THIS is why you need a serious taillight!
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by Stephen , 05-23-2014 at 12:39 PM (3591 Views)
I got a tip from one of my early customers (thanks Vickie!) about this brand new (and very sobering) report from the League of American Bicyclists. This is the culmination from their "Every Bicyclist Counts" initiative.

There is a lot of very interesting data in this report, but the really biggie is the finding that "40% of fatal crashes with a reported collision type -- were “hit from behind” incidents."

Here's a direct link to the final report that you can read in it's entirety.


This is exactly why the DS-500 just HAD to be built. There are always going to be circumstances where a bright taillight is not enough to protect you, but more and more, I see distracted driving (aka smart phone usage) becoming a real problem for cyclists. I truly wish that I could build these lights for less so that more people would be able to use them, because I really do believe they have the ability to significantly lower the probability of being hit from behind under any lighting conditions. They are more than really bright when a motorist happens to look in your direction, they *demand* that you be acknowledged from a very LONG distance away, even if a driver is not looking straight ahead. The highest power "EMS" flash mode is extraordinarily effective in the day time and will force drivers to look up and determine what on earth is this "vehicle" on the road.

This is still very much of a small hobby business for me (translate, not very lucrative), so a big part of this endeavor comes from my desire to see people stay as safe as possible on the road. As others have said before, think of these lights as a cheap insurance policy that will go with you for as long as you ride your bike. If even one senseless accidental death could be prevented by the use of these lights, my "mission" has been a success!

If you're interested in having one of these lights for yourself, please take a minute to vote in the poll, since I'm attempting to gear up for a 4th run and trying to get an idea on quantities!

While I am training on my roadbike you are just in front of your computer and you can only hate. But thanks for the hugh amount of clicks! Hope you enjoy my awesome pictures!

04-19-2015, 03:41 PM
Photo shooting & new video comparison with Designshine DS-500 Update 2015 - !!!COMING SOON!!!

http://abload.de/img/11111hu86.png (http://abload.de/image.php?img=11111hu86.png)

Proud of Stephen & USA.

04-27-2015, 05:20 PM
Thanks for taking the time to post all your photos, shark. They were a big part in luring me into buy the DS-500, which I am very glad I bought. Starting a thread for some photos.

06-22-2015, 11:55 PM
Hi david64,

Thank you for your positive feedback . It's great to know that it has helped others. The light protects very good. I 've been driving more than 30,000 km by the DS - 500 without any technical problems , no problems with the police . By programming one has many options . I use the tail light for skiing or snowboarding, too.

http://abload.de/img/1dpyp61.png (http://abload.de/image.php?img=1dpyp61.png)

With kind regards from rainy Germany