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10-22-2011, 09:13 PM
Video review first impressions over at MTBR.com


A big thank you to Francois for being willing to include the "little guy" in the review this year.

Although not mentioned in the video, all headlights come with the yellow filter lens that can be simply installed by removing and re-installing one screw.

Also, the battery packs are built to my specifications with higher capacity Sanyo Cells. I do 100% load testing on all wiring and connectors before adding the pigtail and waterproofing to the pack, so only the unfinished pack is "sourced" out. I do my own quality control and final assembly.

11-21-2011, 12:05 PM
MTBR Videos are back up and running!

The following is a list of the DesignShine YouTube content (with a few more coming):

1. This is the original taillight video. Made this early on in the design process while I was still working out the housing details. So allthough the light output is basically the same, the housing is much more refined now. Day and night shots along with comparison to the Planet Bike Superflash.

2. Second video of the taillight. This video shows the seatstay mounting along with another ride-away clip at sunset. At the time, I thought this was going to be the "final" version. Boy was I wrong.

3. Decided that I needed to do some comparison with the classic MagicShine P7-based headlight, so I rigged up a hilarious contraption to hold my old Sony Digtal 8 camera for a night time ride. It actually had better low light results and less shake than the pocket hi-def cam. Night time video with a consumer grade camera still pretty much stinks though. Best to watch full screen in a dark room with your monitor's brightness at 100%. IMPORTANT to note that this video was made before I made the discovery to switch over to the narrow frosted lens on the XP-G.

4. Needed a review just to highlight the headlight. Again, BEFORE I switched over to the narrow frosted/spot combo. So the beamshots are not as good as they could be. Shows the process of installing the yellow filter lens.

5. Beamshot shootout with the MagicShine 808J. This is a slideshow with nice alternating shots of the DS-1300 and MS in various settings. Unfortunately again without the narrow frosted lens.

6. Water torture test. Wanted to make sure these lights would stand up to any kind of weather. The "surprise" test at the end is really just for show. The killer test was sitting submerged in a pot for 24 hours, but that makes for a pretty boring video.

7. Finally, a good slide show with multiple power settings and lens combinations for the headlight out on the road. These shots clearly show the effect of the narrow frosted lens. The last three shots are multi-light shots with the last shot at 5000+ lumens. Had to do it, just for fun.

I plan on making a future video, illustrating basic switch operations (how to turn on in flashing mode, how to get into programming mode, etc.), along with the steps to toggle the Superlock mode as well as change the voltage monitoring settings.

Roger Huston
03-22-2012, 03:05 PM

I am really glad I stopped here to see Francois video review of your DS-1300. I have been waiting for him to post it up on MTBR, but as of March 22, 2012 I haven't seen it. He was really impressed! Good Job!! Do you know if he did a video review of the tail-light too? I just wanted to gauge his reaction to it.

- Roger

03-22-2012, 04:23 PM
Yeah, I think he made that DS-1300 video literally the day that he got the light in the mail (you could tell he wasn't quite sure yet on the operating modes). He did email me a few weeks back saying that he was still planning on doing a full review, but alas, he seems to have gotten covered up again. Although the DS-500 hasn't been officially reviewed, he did make a few comments in the "lights shootout" forum. Said that he had been riding with it and liked it a lot. I think there were also some other taillight entries, but he just hasn't had the chance to get to them.

Roger Huston
03-22-2012, 07:14 PM
Yea, he really dropped the ball over there. Too bad. I am sure that the 20 remaining manufacturer's that he hasn't posted a review on are upset. After all, you sent him the product back in what Oct / Nov 2011 and he still hasn't posted a review? Gives a big advantage to the manufacturers he HAS reviewed. He got in a lot of lights, many people, like you, this was their first time in the round-up and I feel he just let everyone down. I wish MTBR would have picked-up the slack and assigned it to someone else.

I'm glad he did a video on the front light and you posted it here, because it is not posted over there.

Also, I am planning on writing a review of your lights once I get them and post them over there and I hope the others who also will get lights this time around will contribute as well.

- Roger