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    Yes, sadly it's true, the THE brightest bike taillight ever made is now out of production. The On-Line Store! will remain online for documentation/accessories/support, etc. It's been a good run over the last 4 years, and I'm infinitely grateful for all of my fantastic customers, who have allowed me to develop the DS-500/1300. The bar for taillight performance has been raised significantly as a result. If you want to join the list of registered forum users to join in the conversation, please drop me an email at [email protected] and I'll setup an account for you!

    • Unrivaled performance with extreme daytime visibility.
    • Controllable from a windshield-melting 800 lumens^ down to 60 lumens.
    • One light for day or night!
    • Compatible with any existing 7.4V li-ion battery packs (more info below).
    • The DS-1300 Headlight
      Out of production.
    • True 1300 lumen performance in a remarkably small package.
    • Unique colored filters available for daytime flashing.
    • Both lights hand made and highly water resistant (IP67 Compliant)*.
    • 6061 aluminum, hard-anodized housing.
    • CNC precision machining achieves an amazing 30+ square inches of cooling surface area.
    • Custom CNC'd and vapor-polished water-clear polycarbonate lens cover allows unique side-projected light.

    DS-500 Taillight

    2x XP-E2 Triple in RED
    (620-630 nm wavelength)
    • Uses 6 CREE© LEDs (XP-E2 Red) and Carclo© Optics
      (Thanks to the good folks at LEDsupply.com for all the great LED boards!)
    • Dual lenses produces the optimal taillight beam, spot AND wide
    • Custom DSflex (aka MaxFlex) controller (made in the USA!)
    • Five power levels: 0.5 watt up to 10 watts (60 to 800 lumens!)
    • Steady mode and 6 programmable flash modes, including ON/Pulse operation.
    • Quick release mounting on seat-stay or seat-post (non-aero) for easy transfer between multiple bikes.
    • Mounts on any round tube between 10mm and 32mm diameter at any angle.
    • Vertical or horizontal mounting options
    • Precision aiming
    • Excellent side lighting with greater than 270 degrees of coverage at night.
    • Li-ion operation compatible with 7.4V or 11.1V packs
    • Built-in thermal protection and dual indication battery monitoring
    • Highly waterproofed (IP67 Compliant via submersion test)
    • 1yr warranty on the light engine

    Check out the VIDEOS and TESTIMONIALS

    DS-1300 Headlight

    XP-G2 Triple (6500K, cool white color)

    XP-E2 Triple (5000K, neutral white color)
    • Uses 6 CREE© LEDs (3 XP-E2 + 3 XP-G2)
    • Combination of SPOT and narrow frosted Carclo© Optics
    • Dual lenses produce an optimal beam pattern, long throw with smooth width
    • MaxFlex6 controller (made in the USA!)
    • Five power levels: <1 watt up to 14 watts (1300 lumens!)
    • User-programmable operational modes
    • Steady mode and 6 programmable flash modes
    • Includes optional use fluorescent yellow color Daytime filter lens
    • Good side/down lighting through the lens cover
    • Quick release mounting on bar or helmet for easy transfer between bikes.
    • Li-ion operation compatible with 7.4V, 11.1V, or 14.8V packs (2, 3, or 4-cell packs)
    • Built-in thermal protection w/battery monitor indicator
    • Completely waterproof*
    • 1yr warranty on the light engine

    Check out some good BEAMSHOTS or the IMAGE GALLERY

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    2. Drop me an email at [email protected] and let me know if you have any questions.

    *Builds 1 and 2 were permanently sealed. However, with the introduction of the user-replaceable lens design in build 3, I felt the need to change the spec from "water proof" to "highly water resistant." The lights will ship with a a high degree of "water-proofness," but care must taken to ensure a good seal if the lens cover ever needs to be removed. In practice this just means you have to be careful not to get dirt and dust on the o-rings.
    ^As tested by Lupine's integrating sphere. Build 4 may be even higher...