Build #2 Progress, Jan 08, 2012 - Greasing the skids...

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Although my wife still thinks I'm making up that expression, that's exactly what's going on right now. Trying to get as much done as possible before I have the housings in hand. Mainly this involves prepping the Maxflex boards with mounting tabs and pre-soldering the LED power wires. Once the housings are here, the task of epoxying the LED boards to the housing begins, installing the switch in the lid, installing the battery power wire, then soldering everything together. The Maxflex itself is held down to the housing with a single #2-56 screw and MX2 thermal paste between the custom mounting tab and the case. The mounting screw is also treated with lock-tite, because I never want this thing to EVER come loose. Keeping a solid and good thermal connection to the case is key to making the thermal protection circuit work well.

I'm also very excited that this time around I will not have to take down each and every one of the sharp edges on the LED star boards where they "break-away" from each other since I made a small accommodation for this on the lens cover. Look for an update on the housing progress soon.

Happy new Year!

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