Build #2 Progress, Mar 6, 2012 - Housings are IN!

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First off, a big thank you to all who have pre-paid in anticipation of getting some of these lights!! Almost all of the units that you see in the picture here have been purchased.
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A few headlights remain, but I'm also working with my new CNC guy to get some more housings going in the next week or two (as soon as he finishes setting up his new shop). Needless to say, wait times on housings will be shortened considerably. One unforeseen circumstance after another has caused the current batch of housings to take nearly 4 MONTHS... arg. SO, again, thanks to all who've been waiting so patiently.

One modification I've made to the housing that many may not know about is the addition of offset mounting holes on the bottom of the enclosure. This has the effect of moving the light closer to the center-line of the stem (if so desired). There are offset threaded holes on each side, so it works just as well on either side of the stem. The taillight will retain only it's centerline mounting hole.

Were it not for 5 housings that need just a very small rework (corner treatments and bead blast), I'd be taking them to the anodizers today. But hopefully those few touches will happen very quickly and my next post will show some fully assembled and anodized lights! Just as soon as I get them built up and tested, they'll be shipping out in the order that I received payments.
Stay tuned.
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