Build #3 Update + Taillight Sneak Peak, June 13, 2012

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Hooray! After a hard fought battle with his new shop location's building wiring, my CNC machinist final won out and got all of his equipment repaired and functioning again. Consequently, he and I have gone back and forth a few times after the initial sample pieces were cut, putting the final touches on a few dimensions here and there. Most importantly, this new housing is going to make assembly a LOT easier and faster. Thanks to the miracle of CNC machining, I now have an o-ring groove in the housing, which will seal the lid. There's also a new front face o-ring retention system (BIG time saver), as well as precising keying for the placement of the LED boards.
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One other noticable change is that the lid is now incorporated flush into the housing, even though the housing is still only 1" thick. A few additional heat sinking grooves and the "DesignShine" engraving round out the changes. I may even do a few limited edition clear annodized, just because the bead blast finish on the raw aluminum looks so good. Still no word on a firm date to actually start the "production" run, so that will have to come in another update. This will be a limited run (65-ish taillights, 30-ish headlights), and unfortunately the demand for the lights is outpacing my ability to produce, so you'll want to get on the reserve list as soon as possible if you had thought about trying one. Although not completely settled yet on the pricing, I'm thinking that I may need to impose a modest $5-$10 increase in the cost of the lights to help cover some of the additional fabrication cost.

If you've emailed me in the past about the lights and not gotten a reply confirming that you're on the reserve list, please do drop me an email or message through the web-site and double check. I've had issues in the past with my emails getting filtered out, and didn't want to leave anyone out that really wanted to try the lights.

Next update.... headlights and new color choices for filter lenses: Red, Yellow, Amber, Fluorescent Green, Standard Green... got to keep those drivers guessing!
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