Build #3 Update: Oct 23, 2012, The Housings Have Landed!

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A big thanks to Robert (my machinist) who persisted and overcame a lot of obstacles to get these housings done. The packing job was fantastic and the housings made it to Huntsville in fine fashion and they look great! I dropped all the metal off at the anodizing shop this morning.

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Also talked with the line manager about the best options for racking the parts. They have to make a solid electrical connection to each and every piece (all 420 of them) with a titanium electrode, so I wanted to make sure they stayed away from the hole for the power switch, since it's quite thin at the opening. They said it should only take a couple of days, so I hope to have some pictures of the anodized parts on Thursday. For those of you on the waiting list who have not already paid, I'll be sending out emails as I work my way down the list.

Thanks so much for everyone's patience!
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