If you're a serious road rider, THIS is why you need a serious taillight!

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I got a tip from one of my early customers (thanks Vickie!) about this brand new (and very sobering) report from the League of American Bicyclists. This is the culmination from their "Every Bicyclist Counts" initiative.

There is a lot of very interesting data in this report, but the really biggie is the finding that "40% of fatal crashes with a reported collision type -- were “hit from behind” incidents."

Here's a direct link to the final report that you can read in it's entirety.

This is exactly why the DS-500 just HAD to be built. There are always going to be circumstances where a bright taillight is not enough to protect you, but more and more, I see distracted driving (aka smart phone usage) becoming a real problem for cyclists. I truly wish that I could build these lights for less so that more people would be able to use them, because I really do believe they have the ability to significantly lower the probability of being hit from behind under any lighting conditions. They are more than really bright when a motorist happens to look in your direction, they *demand* that you be acknowledged from a very LONG distance away, even if a driver is not looking straight ahead. The highest power "EMS" flash mode is extraordinarily effective in the day time and will force drivers to look up and determine what on earth is this "vehicle" on the road.

This is still very much of a small hobby business for me (translate, not very lucrative), so a big part of this endeavor comes from my desire to see people stay as safe as possible on the road. As others have said before, think of these lights as a cheap insurance policy that will go with you for as long as you ride your bike. If even one senseless accidental death could be prevented by the use of these lights, my "mission" has been a success!

If you're interested in having one of these lights for yourself, please take a minute to vote in the poll, since I'm attempting to gear up for a 4th run and trying to get an idea on quantities!
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    Thank you for building those lights, Stephen. Best thing I've ever bought, I wouldn't want to ride my bike without it. That's why I have a spare DS-500 just in case.