What a Trip!

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Some of you probably know about this, but we've been in South Korea for the last two months completing an adoption, which is now final! Hooray! I haven't been selling any lights during this time, but will try to have the store reopened on the 31st. I'll have a decent stock of taillights, but headlights won't be available until later in the fall. It's been a VERY interesting experience in Korea to say the least. In our day-to-day commuting and while being out and about, I've being trying to notice all the bicycles. Lots of brands that I didn't recognize, and it also seems like the high power taillight market here is practically non-existent. Haven't figured out why yet, but I haven't seen anything that would qualify as a daylight capable light. Perhaps some sort of laws in place to prevent it? Lots of good riding to be had along the Han river... makes us wish we had packed the bikes, but even the rental bikes were bearable with the great terrain and scenery.

Here's a nice shot of Seoul tower captured last week, just after sunset. If you ever get a chance to come here... do it! Seoul is an amazing place.
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