New Stock Status (Update 1/4/2016)

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Updated 1/4/2016
Happy new year to all!
Ok, so the headlights did not last very long! Down to just 3 left, and potentially 1 or 2 of those are spoken for already. Doubtful that any of these will be listed on the store. Sad to see these go... They really are very versatile lights with a lot of performance in a tiny little package. BUT, moving on to the taillights, 3 uploaded to the store today, with 20 more coming this week. Received the second iteration of the new seat rail mount a few days ago. Robert and I still have a little tweaking to do, but it's shaping up very nicely.

Updated 12/30/2015
New batch of 23 taillight is in the assembly process. Hopeful to have them finished up sometime next week.
Listed 5 more headlights for sale on the 27th, gone on the 28th.
Six more headlights remain... 3 listed for sale TODAY.

Updated 12/23/2015
On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... 10 headlights shining..

OK, I listed 10 headlights for sale at around 4 PM yesterday, and as of last night, they were all purchased (by my waiting list guys) and have been shipped out today. The remaining 11 lights will also be listed in the coming days, and I'll give advance notice to the rest of the waiting list.

Thanks again to all my great customers for helping make the activities of this year a reality! And as I try to continue building the best self-protection bike lights you can buy, I'm reminded about the ultimate light in this world....

John 8:12
Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Merry Christmas!!

Updated 12/15/2015
Two days into assembly on the headlights now. Had hoped to be finished a little sooner, but it's getting close now. Rev 2 on the seat rail mount is just coming off the drawing board. If we can make this work, I think it's going to be a sweet little mount!
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Updated 12/7/2015
Picked up all the new housings from the anodizing shop today. Will be prepping the headlight housings for assembly with the install of the power wire o-ring before handing off to my assembly guy.

Got the prototype seat rail mount in from Robert and have done a few test fits. Here are a few shots to convey the idea.
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Update 12/1/2015
Last set of aluminum is at the anodizers today (including the final 21 headlights). New prototype rail mount for the taillight is coming along nicely. This piece is unlike most other rail mounts since it will mount both to the flat portion of the rails, directly behind the seat post, OR to the rear-most angled portion of the rails. In some cases, the seat adjustment does not leave enough of the flat portion for traditional clamps. Also, mounting to the angled portion and running the light horizontal, should put it very high and close under the saddle so that most saddle bags can still be used. The mounting arm on the clamp can be turned 90 degrees, so the same mount should allow both horizontal and vertical mounting, although the vertical option would preclude the use of the saddle bag.
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Update 11/16/2015
The last housings that I need to round out the original goal of 400 have essentially been finished, including 21 headlight housings. Filter lenses are now being cut, so the housings should be shipped very soon! Hope to have another update this week.

Update 11/1/2015
Last 12 taillights from the most recent batch uploaded to the store today. Good progress is being made on the headlight housings. Look for another update soon.

Update 10/20/2015
All 20 lights finished with final assembly, inspection, and test. 8 lights uploaded to the store tonight. More mounts are in the mail, so the remaining 12 should be uploaded soon, possibly by Friday. Enjoy!

Update 10/19/2015
20 new taillights, hot off the workbench...
Watch the on-line-store in the coming days for availability.
Still waiting on a re-supply of mounts.

Ok, so if you've been to the store front lately, you've noticed that taillights are out of stock again! Sorry for the delay in getting them re-loaded! Hopefully by next week, I'll have another batch of 20 in process. In general, here's how it looks through to the end of the currently existing part inventory.

Back around this time last year I had exactly 400 new controller boards in hand for "build 4." As it stands now, I have about 155 remaining. 21 of those will be dedicated to headlights, and the remainder will go towards the last of the taillights. I have a running email list with the names of folks who definitely want to get their hands on one of those last headlights, so if you're interested in securing a spot for one, just drop me an email. Otherwise, just keep checking in at for new available taillight stock.

I'm planning on making a mid-run revision to the firmware to change the SuperLock turn-on sequence to be a little more user friendly, but I'll make another comment on that later.

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