Build #2 Progress, Nov 24, 2011

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Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

Still making good progress toward the new build and learning lots of good stuff along the way. I've been trying to get the machining process a little more lean and mean, and as it turns out, it's quite expensive to CNC a lot of thin slots in a piece of aluminum. Larger milling, drilling and tapping, however is more economical. It appears the best approach may be to do a combination of CNC followed by more traditional machining for the slots as a final step. Have learned that extrusion is definitely NOT an option for now.

I'm also working with several vendors trying to come up with a nice die-cut silicon gasket to go between the lid and housing. Previously, the lid was sealed, but removing it would break the seal, plus it was a very labor intensive process. I'm hoping that the gasket approach will be cost effective, as it will definitely cut down on assembly time.

New MaxFlex boards are in and ready to be "wired" and prepared for mounting. Battery packs are done and ready to be shipped out on Monday. Looking forward to getting started on those while waiting for the housings.

I'm thinking about making a small change to the original lid design to allow a slightly larger recessed area for the micro-switch. Should make it even more tactile feeling. Check out the 3D drawing and let me know what you think. Stay tuned...

Also did some testing with the "red-orange" LEDs compared to the original "red." By the numbers, there is more "lumen" output, but to the eye, it's hard to tell. The lighter shades of red seemed to be more evident around the periphery of the light and out the sides, but otherwise it was very similar to the original. In the picture, the red-orange version is on the left, the original red is on the right. Now would you believe I also have some higher output pure REDs?
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