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Thread: On-Bike Video, Good Passes

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    On-Bike Video, Good Passes

    One of my New Zealand customers has some good YouTube content on good passes from vehicles since he's been using the DS-500.

    His comment from YouTube:
    "When I upgraded my DiNotte 400R to a DesignShine DS-500 my "Good Passes" (In New Zealand, a very dangerous place for cyclists) went from about 3 per year (yes per year) to 3 per 4 hour ride. The DesignShine takes away any driver's chance of claiming to have not seen you, so they know they had better not hit you! I love this light and would hate to be without it. If you can light up a truck driver's Hi Viz top, you know he has seen you (see below)."

    If you have some good on-bike video you'd like to share, this would be a great place to do it.

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    On-Bike Video, DS-500 vs. the Sun

    Here's another on-bike video from a customer (thanks Jason) pretty much during worst case scenario conditions...riding directly into the sun, low on the horizon. I'm sure we all try to avoid this scenario when possible, but I wouldn't dream of attempting it without the DS-500. He gets a lot of nice cautious passes. Notice also how early some of the vehicles are signaling and giving him the full lane to pass. Beautiful countryside as well! (This video is from DailyMotion and I'm noticing that it may not show up here in all browsers).

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    Great videos! Thank you...

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