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Thread: DesignShine Mount Tested on The Worst Roads in Europe

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    DesignShine Mount Tested on The Worst Roads in Europe

    Evening DS-owners and perspective DS-owners,

    I am in Serbia, with a DS-500, which I have been making good use of, as you are about 300% more likely to be killed in a road accident in Serbia than in the UK. At least that is better than Russia's 900%. I have been getting a lot of cars honking their horns at me, including police. Not sure if that is for the lights, which were on setting 2 of 5 in pre-dusk, dusk, the bike or if they thought I was a Serbian Olympiad

    Two days ago I biked 107km (first bit didn't connect to a GPS) with a 15-20kg rucksack and the DS on all the way. No problems with cars, of which there were not that many and not a single biker outside of the towns, where there are many.

    The roads in Serbia are horrendous. I probably lost 2-3mph on dodging pot holes and going slow on badly cracked roads. Some highlights:

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    The DS mount had no problems with this terrain, while my lupine mount managed to undo itself, and fall into the spokes, making a horrendous noise, which I thought was ever one of the spokes collapsing, followed by two objects flying out of the spokes on opposite sides. I found the Lupine headlight, severed from the cable about 1 meter away and half of the very sturdy-feeling mount, which had also been cut by the spokes. I'm surprised and lucky that it wasn't the spokes that gave way, as there was no town for about 50 km and I doubt the people, some of whom live in houses made of mud would speak much English to be able to help.

    On arriving at my hotel, the owner quickly and dramatically leapt to action and spliced the Lupine back together and it is none the worse for its battering:

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    So if you have a DS, you can be pretty confident its not going to fall off on any terrain you are likely to encounter. If you have a Lupine though, at least make sure it won't fall into the spokes.

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    Thanks for sharing this David. Sounds like you're on a great adventure!
    Looks like the Lupine bracket has a weak spot for sure...

    I think you'd have to put a direct hit on the DS to do any damage, and even then I'm not sure it would come off.
    Be safe!

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