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Thread: Official DesignShine photos

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    Super Nice Terra Trike Setup
    Thanks for the pics Ed!
    Notice the nice use of additional spacer material on the H32 taillight mount to the rear rack tube.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Terra_Trike_1.jpg 
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Name:	Terra_Trike_2.jpg 
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Name:	Terra_Trike_3.jpg 
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Name:	Terra_Trike_4.jpg 
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Name:	Terra_Trike_5.jpg 
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Name:	Terra_Trike_6.jpg 
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    Aero Seatpost Mount

    Ok, got a wild idea for a custom aero seatpost mount. I'm thinking that with a little trial and error on the adjustment of the zip-tie lengths, it should work for just about anything. The high-temp glass nylon of the H31 is extremely tough but can be "convinced" to take on a different shape as you see here with the heat gun. I would also custom shape some rubber spacers at the point where the original H31 pieces come together in order to conform to the "profile" of the seatpost on the trailing edge. Basically, you just cut the locking pieces off of a couple of extra zip-ties to put it together. In some cases, it might require a slight bend in the taillight extender bar to get the alignment straight back, but that's a pretty easy thing to do. Feedback, ideas???

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	H31_Aero_mod_2.jpg 
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Name:	H31_Aero_mod_1.jpg 
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    Update... Here's the mount on the bike. 400 miles so far, so it seems to be holding up well.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DS_500_on_aero_post_full_bike_resize.jpg 
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    Looks like a great idea as far a getting the lengths cinched in with the zip tie. Would work much better if the quick cam worked on the ciching mechanism some how. As it's shown, I think the pressure is going to be loading on the trailing end/edge of the aero post. These sections tend to be the weakest and most flexible aft of the chord width. Isnt there a Cateye with a hose clamp type strap that could function in a similar manner?

    Can the connector for the light be turned vertical?

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    Build 3 Headlight Pics

    Here are just a few quick shots of the new headlight design with the new integrated lid, improved cooling, side "shading," and "DesignShine" insignia.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Build3_Headlight_1_untouched_resize.jpg 
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Name:	Build3_Headlight_2_untouched_resize.jpg 
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Name:	Build3_Headlight_3_untouched_resize.jpg 
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    DS-500 Size Comparison Shots

    Just a few fun shots of the DS-500 with some familiar items.... wish I had the larger versions of the objects on the sides!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DS_500_Size_Comparison_2.jpg 
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Name:	DS_500_Size_Comparison_1.jpg 
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    More Build #3 Shots

    Headlight on the magicshine headstrap. Finished taillight (sans extender bar). Elliptical lens on top (in vertical orientation). To convert to horizontal mode, the lens cover is removed and the lenses are swapped. The LED boards are mounted 90 degrees out (rotationally), which facilitates the exact alignment of the elliptical lens via the lens alignment holes.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Build_3_Headlight_on_Headband.jpg 
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Name:	Build_3_taillight_finished.jpg 
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    Mount system for DS-500 and batteryt:

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    The customers are very reliable to this.This is with some great features.

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    Drilled for Dinotte Mount

    Thought I'd share this one...
    One customer had a particular aero-seatpost, on which he had already adapted one of the Dinotte clamps. At his request I drilled the back of the DS-500 to match the bolt pattern. Obviously eliminates the quick-release feature, but worked out well in this case.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DS_drilled_for_Dinotte_mount.jpg 
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    Great work! I want the aero-seatpost

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