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Thread: Cool Slideshow of DS-500 vs. the "others"

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    Cool Slideshow of DS-500 vs. the "others"

    Recently posted video on Youtube showing the DS-500 head-to-head with the other crop of high-power taillights.

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    Hi Stephen,

    have you the same problem with the swivel by the magicshine mj 818?

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    I assume you're talking about the chrome plated swivel ring on the outside of the MJ818? Yes, this can be very stiff to turn. In my case, I had a MJ 818 and when I turned the bessel, it actually turned the PC board inside the housing and snapped off the positive lead directly at the board. It promptly touched the case and shorted the GeoMan battery I was using, which apparently don't like being shorted, since it never recovered. Just have to be really careful with that bezel ring if it starts getting stiff to turn, at least in my experience.

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    yes, you re right... 100% careful. But now my MJ 818 is available at ebay^^

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