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Thread: Build #2

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    Build #2

    Well, the wheels are in motion for build number 2! Thanks for making the first build such a success and for the encouragement to keep going!

    This time, I'll be building 60 taillights and 40 headlights.
    (Revised this up slightly to 70/50).

    The main tweaks for the second build will be:
    1. Slightly more powerful XP-E triple (100 additional lumens on the spot beam)
    2. User-removable lens cover (build #1 had a semi-permanently sealed cover)

    Right now the machinist is prototyping the housing and lens cover modifications that will allow an O-ring to be used to seal the main lens cover to the body. Once that has been completed and verified to be waterproof, then we'll start "turning the crank" so to speak on the housings. I expect the prototype to be complete by the week of Oct 24. If this mod works out, it'll be a two step process. Have the housings cut by my "traditional" machinist, then take them to the CNC shop for the O-ring adaptation. I'm really hoping this is not going to be prohibitively expensive!

    Additional battery packs are currently being built.

    Quantity stock of the ever elusive higher power XP-E has been located and is being acquired.

    Electronics, cabling, mounts, small hardware all being ordered.

    I'll continue to post here with more updates, so check back often.
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    OK, so the BLOG format is probably better for this type of information.
    You can go there now by clicking "Blogs" at the top of the page, or this link:

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