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Thread: Unofficial DesignShine photos (shark_attack)

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    Seriously cool pictures Bjoern!
    Since the DS-500 will only run on Level 5 indoors with no airflow for about 6 or 7 minutes before dropping to level 3, did you have someone turn it on for you once you got setup at the picture taking location? What were your camera settings?
    Exposure time?

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    Thank you

    I hiked alone in the dark mountains without light because of the full moon. Great experience, great nature... At the foto spots i called my neighbor and he handled my DS-500. I worked with ISO 800. You see my the camera settings over the screenshots.

    picture one:

    picture two:

    picture three:

    Best regards

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    Yesterday, nightwalk with DS-500 as headlight because my battery from the MJ 880 wasnt ready... But the DS-500 was soooo bright, brighter than normal headlight. Perfect for running deep in the woods^^

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    Very cool! I've often thought that the DS-500 would make a nice "emergency" headlamp. I would imagine that in a very dark environment (deep woods) the red might actually help preserve the night vision. Incidentally, if you can get your hands on a spare H-27 Cateye spacer, you can just remove the light from the extender bar and mount the H-27 directly to the light body. This would give you a little better balance, with the light much closer to your head.
    Name:  H27_Cateye_spacer.jpg
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    Also, just as a point of note, the DS-500 is set with a fairly conservative thermal cutback level, so if you run it for very long in steady mode at level 5 without airflow, don't be surprised if you see it cut back to level 3 after 4-5 minutes. I'm not entirely sure that a walking pace airflow would be enough to keep it from cutting back if you were running at level 5, but level 4 would probably be OK. I haven't tried this myself, so you're blazing new ground...

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    Thank you for your ideas and tips... i ran in the mountains with LEVEL 2 (only). Its bright enough even though the worse forest floor^^ Sometimes, i needed LEVEL 4, but LEVEL 5 serves as deterrence^^

    My new SAMSUNG batteries for my two MJ 880er have arrived.

    greetings from germany

    PS: Tomorow we get snow !!! Yippie Yah Yei Schweinebacke^^

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    It was a great ride in the white powder^^ Next bike will be a 29er. Amazing driving quality... so marvelous. Looking for GIANT TALON 1 2013 29er.

    Greetings from snowy Germany!

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    DS-500 in snow - awesome sight!

    DS-500 LEVEL 1

    DS-500 LEVEL 2

    DS-500 LEVEL 3

    DS-500 LEVEL 4


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    DS-500 LEVEL 5

    DS-500 LEVEL 1

    DS-500 LEVEL 5

    Best regards!

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