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Thread: Unofficial DesignShine photos (shark_attack)

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    New shooting by day:



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    Thanks for those amazing pics Shark/Bjoern. The DS500 is certainly the brightest tail light there is bar none. For the camera to catch the red light from out-of-town is crazy. Why the US military hasn't ordered Stephen's lights for temporary aircraft runway, I don't know. I also enjoyed the pics of your 880s. I use a single 880U with the same headstrap for many chores around the house but to run 2? You look better equipped than the US Navy Seals or German Special Forces.

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    @ Xeccon:

    Thanks. No problem. I am a light freak...

    Currently i am in the mountains. 3249 m and the D-500 works... for 4 days ^^ on the slopes and night... Here are my new pictures:

    I ran 4km on the slopes, Then I took the snowboard... to the valley. It was a great drive. The nature. The darkness. My lights. I love it... With two MJ 880s its an other level... brighter & wider;-)

    Hope, you enjoy!

    Greetings from Hochsölden (Austria)
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    New pictures @ IBC:


    My thread has 10.000 clicks. Lots of pictures and videos from the DS-500. Enjoy...

    Best regards,

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    New photos - daylight by day part II.

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    Greetings from Germany !

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    Watch my new comparison AUDI Q5 LED VS. DS-500

    Here my new photo series

    More pictures:

    Best regards
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    Thanks shark for such an interesting stuff.I really enjoy this and specially the quality of your work is really appreciable.

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    Thanks, I am so happy about your feedback!

    In my german MTB-forum are only haters (users, admins, and mods...) So, i am resigned from the forum, but in the next few weeks i create my own bike & DS-500 website...

    I'll see you then!

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