Yes! You did good. I think you definitely got the front sealed up without a doubt. Now all you need to do to be 100% sure is go ahead and take care of the lid as well. Note that you'll hear/feel a "pop" when you first remove each screw. This is the threadlock compound breaking loose and is completely normal.

In the sequence of pics, you'll see the screws removed and lid slightly separated.
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The lid separated and showing the original amount of grease (too thin),
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and Finally, the new layer of grease on top of the black o-ring.
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When you re-install the lid, just be sure that the switch wires are coiled up and out of the way so that they don't get pinched. Also, make very certain that you do not cross-thread or over-tighten the screws when you re-install the lid. If you can, it'd be good to apply just a small amount of REMOVABLE thread lock to the threads. Just be SUPER careful not to get any on the clear polycarbonate lens cover, since it will actually etch the plastic. Let me know if you have questions.