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    Thanks for all the great pictures D!
    It's always hard to convey with images what the eye is really perceiving, especially with the red taillight. Here's a cool video from another customer showing the off-angle capability of the taillight. This video comes close to showing how well the clear lens cover harnesses the "spill" light from the LED/Lens combination. At night the DS-500 is directly visible, even from the front sides of the bike. Do note that these are the user's own custom flash patterns. The light comes programmed with 6 default patterns, (some for day, some for night), but you can modify them all as desired.

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    @ Stephen: Thank you for sharing my video! You are right. The lateral radiation is perfect. You are the best light designer of tail lights. Here I have a nice short video for you - a crazy DS-500 clip for disco feeling!

    Hope you enjoy I love this track! Its Armin van Buuren with "fine without you"...

    Greetings from the rainy Germany!

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    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to post a few pictures from my recent 243 mile bike ride using both a DS-500 tail light, and a DS-1300 headlight. I have been riding with these lights for many months now and have done some rides on sketchy roads. I have noticed a dramatic change in how automobile, and truck drivers behave when passing me now that I am using the DesignShine lights. On my entire ride I didn't have even once close call. Out of the hundreds of vehicles that passed me everyone either moved over and gave me extra room, or they passed safely at a slower rate of speed. Check out the photo of the double trailer dump truck moving over while passing me. One car that was passing me even felt the need to slow down to my speed, and say "That light is insanely bright" and they said it in a tone of gratitude, and amazement.

    This was my posted review of the DS-1300 as well:
    I recently purchased two DS-1300 headlights after having phenomenal success with the DS-500 taillight. My morning commute is 16 miles on a road with a bike lane, but with many intersections. During the daytime I put both lights in the EMS (triple flash then off) mode, and because it is virtually impossible to sync the timing, they flash in an alternating left / right pattern which looks similar to an EMS vehicle, tow-truck, or snow plow truck, so it really makes drivers stop and take a second look. Many times, and with 100% success, drivers would approach an intersection fast and appear like they wanted to roll right on through, but as soon as they saw me coming, even from far away, they would stop and let me pass. Bottom line: These lights are cheap insurance!
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    I also wanted to post this picture showing how I had the DS-1300 mounted below my aero bars. It worked very well, and using a 7,800 maH battery pack I was able to keep the headlight on the entire ride with only one battery swap (Two 7,800 maH batteries gets you a long way). My riding time was almost 18 hours on those two batteries, and I didn't even use up the second battery before I ended the ride. My ride was from Seattle, WA to Coulee City, WA. I was riding during the day starting at 10am, and then through the night with no sleep and ended the ride in Coulee City about 1pm. There was a lot of rest time in there but I turned off the lights while resting.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here is a video showing how bright the DS-500 is in bright sunlight. It looks even brighter than in this video because the human eye can see a greater dynamic range than a camera/video camera. But at least you can see it is really the world brightest tail light for a bicycle.

    Here is other video/timlapse which was made from a sequence of frames taken over 24+ hours. These were shot at 1 frame every second.

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    BRAVO!!! Probably the coolest long-distance ride summary video I've seen yet. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. The night scenes were really cool. The sound track perfectly complimented the high speed playback. I did notice at 1:36 that it appears like you've got a good bit of downward angle in the taillight? Did you do this for night time only? Otherwise, for daytime riding, I'd try to keep the light as parallel to the ground as possible.
    Many more safe rides to you!

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    Thanks Stephen! I do have it pointed slightly down so that it's not totally blinding anyone at night. I'm not sure if the mode I was using was actually for at night. It's the mode that's on solid, but blips brighter every 2-3 seconds.
    During the day I was using the super bright On/Off mode, and even with the light angled down a bit it's still more visible than any light out there. Also when I ride at night the tail light lights up the white line in a red glow which helps for cars see me even more (I think). But I'll try running it parallel too and see what kind of reactions I get.

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