04/23/2012 UPDATE

Still enjoying riding at night with these lights and having great success using the following setup:

DS-500 (Rear Light) on Mode 5 - L2/L3 Double Pulse

DS-1300 (Front Light) on Mode 4 - L3/L5 Lightening Strike

I finally reached below 50% capacity on my 5200 mAH battery from the "factory" original initial charge! One odd thing, per the Manual (dated 04/03/2012) I should have experienced the following when the Independent Status LED on the DS-1300 was SOLID RED:

"Flash pattern suspended momentarily with steady burn at the current high power level for 3 seconds, with a single pulse to the current low level after 1.5 seconds."

But I did not, the flash pattern continued the same without hiccup. Did I find an undocumented feature? Not sure but currently I am fully re-charging the 5200 mAH pack.