I have been riding bicycles since the 60’s and now I’m in my 60’s. Not as fast, but I’ve ridden at least 5,000 miles this year with at least 2,000 miles with my DesignShine Lighting system. I’ve used about every type of light and find this system superior to all others. When I ride in the morning and evening using the bright tail light vehicles pass me with a wide safety space. With other lights, cars closely pass me as if I’m not visible and I've had several very close calls. I have the tail light with the head light combination mounted to my helmet. I ride 99.99% on the street, this combination allows vehicles to clearly see me and I have had no close calls with this combination. This system has many different light settings allowing me great flexibility. With the extra battery pack, I can ride for weeks without recharging. I would recommend this lighting system, over any other system, to my best friends, my sons, my grandchildren and anyone I care about. It’s that good. Thank you Stephen for developing such a clear, bright, long lasting and superior lighting system.