UPDATE Nov 17, 2014: The On-Line Store is UP! Click the "Purchase" menu at the top of the window, or click the link below:
Purchase the Brightest Taillight Ever Made!

I'm sure many of you know the history of this project, and after almost 3 years of "market testing" the response to the lights has been overwhelmingly positive. However, the reality is that I cannot continue to produce the lights as a one-man-show. The time demands, doing this part-time, are just too intense for myself and the family. Consequently, I've enlisted some help with assembly from a trusted technician, and he and I are both currently assembling hardware from build #4 to be available soon on a new web-store (see below).

One new aspect of the plan is that I get out of the business of providing batteries, especially now that there are a good number of readily available (and high quality) off-the-shelf battery packs out there. You would purchase the light engine from DesignShine then either use one of your existing 7.4V batteries, or purchase a battery of your own specification from a third party, such as MagicShine, Gloworm, or Gemini. Of course, batteries from Dinotte and Lupine will also work, but require an additional adapter cable.

Unfortunately, the costs associated with building a piece of hardware like this in the US in low volume remains an expensive endeavor, and resale price of the taillight will be $229, before you add the cost of any necessary batteries and/or chargers. Depending on your specific needs, you can purchase batteries to give you the exact blend of weight and run time that you're looking for. As an example, you can get full flashing power for 14 hours starting around $30 with the MagicShine 4400mA, 7.4V pack. Of course, the sky's the limit with higher capacity packs.

So, if you've had your heart set on purchasing the best taillight that money can buy, now's your chance to influence the future by voting in the poll right above this post!

P.S. Due to popular demand, I went ahead and had 20 headlights cut and will also be making those available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The DS-1300 will sell for $249 and includes the daylight color filter.